Ignite Weight-loss

Program (6 weeks)

  • Weekly Accountability Meeting in Group Setting online

  • Meeting Times: Tuesdays at 5:30pm PT and Thursdays at 5:00pm PT

  • Next Start Date: March 16th, 2023

  • Weekly S.M.A.R.T goal setting in 3 categories of health: food, movement, confidence/mindset.

  • 3 Biweekly 1:1 Exploration Sessions with Certified Clinical Nutritionist. (value $525)

  • Includes a membership to Better app for tracking lifestyle and 1 OAT urine test with interpretation for metabolism needs. (value $646)

  • Buddy up with a member for the 6 weeks, or build a friendship of life!

  • Work with a nutritionist that knows what it feels like and can teach you discipline kindly.

Submit your $700.00 deposit below to join today!

Notes from Mia:

Your total investment for the Ignite Weight-loss Program is $1700.

Upon graduating your six weeks you may find you'd like to re-enroll which is great! You'll save on every future program, no deposit just your 2 payments of $500, one on week 3 and one on week 5.

Investing in your health is an integral step to committing to your new lifestyle. It also supports all the technical and holistic tools that track your daily habits.

I know the power it takes to keep going...I do believe you can fast-track your weight-loss results with my Well Fed Warrior System and a support group of no more than 5 other people at a time. Waitlist open, first come first serve.

This program is for: a highly motivated, slightly frustrated, open-minded individual who continues to feel the pain of yo-yo dieting, low self-control and is more than ready to meet and love their best, focused, brightest Self.

I'd be honored to coach you through your transformation,

Coach Mia

ps. Send me a text about ANYTHING that's coming up for you.

On the other side of resistance is freedom!

It's time to break up with your bad patterns and create the life you deserve!

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